Premier Gallant dismantles Invest NB and creates Opportunities NB in it's place

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Premier Gallant today announced the dismantling of Invest NB and the creation of the Opportunities NB Crown Corportion. The new Crown Corporationt to be operational by April 1, 2015 and will be invested with a mandate and also with tax payer money. The new Crown Corporation will be accountable to a CEO and to Minister Rick Doucet and will report on their business opportunity suggestions to the Premier's Job Board for recommendations.  

Knightsbridge Robertson-Surette, an executive search firm, has been retained by the provincial government to find a leader for Opportunities New Brunswick.

The Job Board members have not been announced yet, but, successful New Brunswick entrepreneurs and ministers will likely be appointed to act as an advisory board to the Premier for decisions on economic projects and sector investments and determine which ones hold merit for funding with the tax payer’s money.

The Premier was asked his thoughts on the chilling effect the Fracking moratorium is having on the Oil Sector and what he is prepared to do to bring jobs to New Brunswick given former Premier Frank Mckenna also indicated his views that Natural Gas Exploration in New Brunswick is the only industry able to provide jobs and investments quickly to New Brunswickers.  

The Brunswick Business Journal asked him a very clear question “Given the moratorium negative effect on business investment in the Province and the recent comments from Premier McKenna in regards to that, what are you going to do to bring jobs to New Brunswick and how are you going to woo those people back if you are going to open up for Fracking? You can listen to his recorded audio of his answer at the 11:51 minute mark on the attached audio.  

His reply "I am not really going to agree with the premise of your question. There are many opportunities for us to grow the economy to create jobs in New Brunswick and we said many times we have to have a diversified approach we have to develop our Natural Resources but in a responsible way thats why we support the Energy East Pipeline inaudible..Brooke Mine, the conversion of the LNG Terminal to an export facility the construction of an oil export facility in Saint John but we also want to make sure we focus on other industries that have groth opportunities, we want to help the ICT sector this is an industry in which I think we can do very well oving forward as a province.  I want to make sure we develop a skilled workforce...[listen to audio for complete answer].



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