Land in New Brunswick Returned to Peskotomuhkati Tribe

The Peskotomuhkati tribe, based in Qonaskamkuk, or St. Andrews, New Brunswick, has received 2,500 acres along the Skutik, or St. Croix, River on behalf of the provincial government, reports Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. The act is an example of the effort between the two nations to work collaboratively to renew their relationship based on recognition, rights, respect, co-operation and partnership, which is recognized as key to achieving reconciliation with Indigenous people in Canada.
The land acquired includes Camp Chiputneticook, a 2,500-acre property in New Brunswick along the Skutik River, which is of cultural significance to the Nation. The Government of Canada provided the funding for the acquisition. The Nation has acquired the land and buildings from the Orser family, who have used it as their summer home for more than a century.
Along with the land comes a collection of artifacts of cultural significance for the Nation.

Cineplex’s ‘Flashback Film Fest’ Brings Retro Flicks Back to the Big Screen

Cineplex Events today announced that the 9th annual  ‘Flashback Film Fest’ is back to provide another dose of nostalgia-inducing cinema.


Royal Winnipeg Ballet Comes to Moncton

About RWB’s 2016/17 Audition Tour
Each year Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School travels the country in search of talented dancers to join one of three Professional Programs: Ballet Academic (Ages 10+), Aspirant (Post-Secondary), and Teacher Training Program (Post-Secondary).
Auditions take place in cities across Canada and into the United States and include a Q & A portion for parents and students, as well as master class in some cities.   Students unable to attend an audition may send in a Video Application, which are accepted until May 1, 2018.

New Brunswick not listed as exempt from Tariffs.

A source has confirmed to the Brunswick Business Journal that New Brunswick is specifically targeted for tarrifs on Softwood Lumber.  The use by the American Department of Commerce of "Atlantic Provinces" indicates some ingorance in its definition. The term generally includes New Brunswick from the understanding of Canadian readers.

Use of the term Atlantic Provinces remains unclear in the official press release. 


Craig Storey Joins Mariner xVuTM as Executive Vice President

SAINT JOHN, NEW BRUNSWICK, CANADA — May 29, 2017 — Mariner xVuTM is pleased to announce Craig Storey, P. Eng., has recently assumed leadership of the xVuTM sales team as Executive Vice  President, Global Sales. With client growth in the Tier-1 market – and significant increase in current client opportunities with global leaders in advanced mobile services, next-generation TV, high-speed internet and smart solutions – the xVu organization is currently focused on expanding growth in international markets such as LATAM and Asia-Pacific.

Property Tax Scandal - Higgs says Gallant directly lied to public to conceal his role

Since early March, Premier Brian Gallant has been trying to explain why Service New Brunswick Property Tax bills had frabricated renovation amounts on 2400 home owner bills.  This action created an artifice for the government to bypase the Property Spike protection law.  This spike protection was implemented by the previous PC government to cap any spikes in assessments by 10% in any given year.


Premier Gallant stumbles with his words about extra Atcon AG Audit funds


Speaking at the Accreon annoucement, Premier Gallant seems to want to confuse voters or keep the door open to either a yes or a no on the extra funds the AG is requesting for the Atcon Audit.  "We foresee probably no problem," said Gallant. "We will certainly take her request, once we hopefully formally get it, very seriously." What kind of double speak is this?  Sophistry maybe?


Government hopes to encourage more immigration from China







Fredericton Chef Among Canadian Culinary Superstars Behind New “Trendy Foods” Cookbook

Fredericton, New Brunswick – April 12, 2016 – Want to know what’s hot in food this summer? According to Chef Greg Godfrey, Executive Chef at the Delta Fredericton, flavoured hummus will be all the rage.